How can I keep my breasts still when I dance?


I have rather large breasts, is there something I can do to keep them still when I dance?

sweetpopscl Junior Dancer Asked on February 7, 2016 in Dancer Problems/Issues.
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As a ballet dancer being big busted (34FF) had been my “pain” for years, particularly when doing my 32 Sauté jumps in class. Regular sports bras worked well… for a short while until the material stretched over time and lost the support time and time again. Sports bras that are excellent for dancers are the Enell brand ones and there’s also Panache brand. Either one will prevent the bouncing around. I never go into dance class without my Enell! Amazon has them. For wider straps, go with Enell. If you’re looking for slightly thinner straps, probably Panache’s the better route.

all4pointe Junior Dancer Answered on February 9, 2016.
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Try wearing a sports bra that actually hold them in place by encapsulating and compressing them separately.

nicole_wells Senior Dancer Answered on February 9, 2016.
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