How to prevent leotard riding up?

Total dancer problem here! So for the good of all, I’ll be the brave soul to ask the question I fear many others may be too embarrassed to ask. I’ll be blunt here. My ballet leotard keeps riding up my girly bits. I’ve tried different brands… still rides up. Wearing underwear under my leotard does help a little by adding the extra layer, BUT in ballet we’re not really supposed to wear anything but tights and the leotard. I totally see a few others in my class having the same issue, while many others don’t seem to have it at all. Is it my body shape? What can I do to stop it from riding up for good?!

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Finding a great fitting leotard is key! I’ve found that the leotards made by Audition Dancewear are designed to “keep things” covered.  The styles and colors are great too!  I know you can buy them online at

twinkletoes Apprentice Answered on October 13, 2016.
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