Where do dancers get their clothes?

I just signed up for a ballet for adults class. The last time I had taken any dance class I think I was 11 years old LOL. Of course at the time, my mom used to choose and buy my dance clothes at a local mom and pop store. So recently I drove out to the only two local dancewear places (my town is REALLY small!). But their selection is VERY limited. I know there’s Discount Dance Supply where I can order online. But before I place an order there I guess what I’d like to know is where other dancers out there like to get their stuff. Thank you!!

erinhill90 Apprentice Asked on September 18, 2015 in Dancewear/Shoes/Costumes.
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Yep. Discount Dance Supply is a good one for sure. If you need a teacher code/discount coupon code you can enter TP70083 at checkout for an easy 10% discount if you’re a first-time customer. After that, you’ll still get a guaranteed 5% off your orders, but you’ll need to ALWAYS provide that teacher code each time. My ballet teacher in my hometown gave it to me when I was her student a few years back. I’ve continued using it over the years to get my ongoing need for dance clothes, shoes, leotards…… still works every time!

Hope my answer helps others out here like myself who are on a starving dance student budget!

nicole_wells Senior Dancer Answered on February 10, 2016.
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I get my stuff at Revolution sometimes, but mostly at Discount Dance.

oliviakarlinsky Junior Dancer Answered on October 25, 2015.
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