How can ballet help athletes?


My son’s hockey coach recently advised him to take some ballet classes. When he came home and told me this I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. His coach wants him to take ballet to improve his game. Obviously I’m not doubting what his coach is saying, but wanted to get more informed about the benefits thatĀ ballet can actually provideĀ a 18 year old athlete like my son. I figured asking real dancers would be a good start!

nyhockeymom Apprentice Asked on October 20, 2015 in Dance Styles/Techniques.
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Obviously, it improves balance, as well as flexibility. However, most people may not realize it also helps focus, and a drive to want to achieve something, it helps sorta mold your passion and gives you a great work ethic. As well as keeping you mentally and physically healthy…..I just love ballet.

sweetpopscl Junior Dancer Answered on February 9, 2016.
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