RE: What do dance teachers use to cut music?

I just got hired for contract work teaching at a dance studio! I was told that I would need to cut my own music for my classes, something which I’ve never done myself. I have done some basic music editing for fun using my cell phone in the past, but I’m thinking that’s just not gonna work for this. Is there a popular music editing software out there used by dance teachers?

chasse4u Apprentice Asked on October 28, 2015 in Teaching/Instruction.
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There are many ways for dance teachers to easily cut music. There’s really no need to invest in any expensive software for editing music. In fact the easiest and quickest methods are completely free.

If you’re a MacBook/iPhone/iTunes person, you already have everything you need. Just use GarageBand to edit your dance music in minutes. Once you’re happy with your cut, just click on the option to send it to your iTunes as a mp3. You’ll be then able to play it in class from any of your Mac devices. If you need visuals, there’s also a very helpful step by step video put together by TheDanceBuzz, a YouTube user…

russianbeauty1 Junior Dancer Answered on February 10, 2016.
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